How to Integrate the Arts into Your Nonprofit Work: Science and the Visual Arts – A Beautiful Friendship

October 9, 2014

Guest Blog by Rob Levit, Founding Director, Creating Communities, Member of Maryland Nonprofits

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recently finished a cool residency at Old Mill Middle North in Anne Arundel County working with a tremendous team of 8th grade science teachers, the IB coordinator, and literacy coach. We wanted the students’ unit of study on sedimentary rock and fossils to come alive, be hands on, and experiential. I proposed creating a scientific journal so that their investigations and findings could be captured. The approach was one of observation and inquiry-based learning rather than rote presentation of facts. Students would use pen sketching and watercolor techniques to create their interpretation of Sideling Hill in Hancock, Maryland and two authentic fossils I obtained from a mail order service as a basis for their investigations.

Here are the steps that we took to create an easily replicable lesson that can be used in virtually every unit and illustrates the beautiful friendship between science and art.

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