Office Equipment

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As the preferred provider for Maryland Nonprofits, Advance is here to help you reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Advance helps organizations tackle business problems by pairing best in class technology with the best support. Whether its network integration, multifunctional devices, or a software application, we design solutions for productivity so you can focus on your nonprofit. Even better, it is all backed by great, dependable, local service.


  • MANAGED IT SERVICESAdvance is changing the way IT works. Many companies rely on a reactive approach to IT service—if something breaks, a call is placed, and someone comes out to fix it. Such break-fix methods can result in an expensive loss of productivity. Advance specializes in helping organizations whose IT is 100% mission critical, who can’t afford to be down, and view technology as a competitive differentiator, not an afterthought. Managed IT has all the benefits of having a fully staffed IT department without the hassles and cost by proactively monitoring your network, and equipping you with your very own vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) committed to keeping your organization’s IT strategy on course.

  • IT NEED EVALUATION. With a wide variety of IT support available to nonprofit organizations, it’s difficult to discern which option is the right fit for you. With this in mind, Advance is offering free, 30-minute consultations with our team of IT Experts to talk through your specific technology needs and determine the type of support best suited for your organization.
  • MANAGED PRINT SERVICES. Are you getting the best value and performance from that stack of service provider contracts for all of your printers, copiers, fax machines, and software? Leave it to Advance to help you bring your printing costs and productivity under control. Their Managed Print Services team will give your company an integrated one-source solution to manage all of your output devices—from configuration to service.
  • EQUIPMENT UPGRADES. For the growing or changing organization, this program will allow equipment to be upgraded. Whether the equipment is purchased, leased or rented, Advance will provide all organizations with the ability to upgrade their equipment. Many office equipment companies “sell” their leases to financing companies in order to make a profit. This can often lead to poor customer service. Advance does not sell their leases. We are interested in meeting the needs of growing and changing organizations.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES. Advance will provide service to all areas within a 24-hour period. If they cannot repair the equipment within two days and Advance maintains the equipment under a service agreement, we will provide a loaner of equal or greater capabilities to assure that your organization continues to run efficiently. In addition, Advance will provide your organization with a service location where you can run copies in emergency situations. If this occurs, consumable supplies, such as paper, will be the responsibility of the individual organization.
  • FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE. Advance will guarantee, in writing, that your new Advance equipment will provide a minimum of five years of service. The guarantee is subject to the equipment being maintained under an Advance comprehensive service plan, including supplies, and that the equipment is used within the prescribed volume limitations.


As the preferred office equipment provider for Maryland Nonprofits, Advance is here to help you reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Average member savings on new machines ranges from 20-25%.  Pricing for special machines can average 40-50%. Additionally, Advance offers a funding-out clause should your income unexpectedly decline.

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