Nonprofit Montgomery Action Alert: County Savings Plan Update

July 22, 2015

Montgomery County Council President George Leventhal has shared a “tracking report” prepared by staff that indicates the savings
 agreed to by Council Committees as of July 17, 2015 as compared to the $51 million FY16 reductions recommended by the County Executive. There will be further review this week.

According to President Leventhal, several of the reductions proposed by the County Executive that elicited the most opposition from the nonprofit community, including the 30 vouchers for homeless veterans and the wage supplement for attendants who serve developmentally disabled clients, were rejected by Council Committees.

The County Council is not holding a public hearing on the savings plan because only a limited number of witnesses could be accommodated. County Council has set up a special portal for constituents to share thoughts on the budget savings plan. “Emails from constituents are welcome and assist us in our deliberations,” wrote Leventhal.

Don’t wait to tell the County Council exactly how the proposed cuts would impact your community and/or your organization’s ability to deliver services. 

For questions about the alert or the budget process, please contact Hope Gleicher.