Visionary Leadership in Action: Six Leadership Best Practices that Inspire Action

July 27, 2015

Guest Blog by Ellyn McKay, CEO Vision LLC.

As leaders, many of us have spent way too much time pursuing “generic” leadership advice that passes over our natural leadership strengths, forcing us to adopt a leadership style that just doesn’t seem to fit…or work. For any number of reasons, this tends to be especially true for women leaders.

However, understanding and putting your natural leadership strengths to work are precisely what is needed to inspire, empower and activate your team. The DiSC Work of Leaders leadership self-assessment* allows you to evaluate your own leadership behaviors against 18 evidence-based leadership best practices. You will uncover your natural leadership strengths, learn when to turn them on — and when it’s best to turn them down.

Where does your leadership style fit along each of the Visioning best-practice continua? The Work of Leaders leadership assessment tool will help you uncover the answers

1. Remain Open

When in the Visioning stage, it is critical to remain open to input from all levels of the organization. Ask and listen, ask and listen…and then do it again. A “shared vision” is much more powerful than a “solo vision.

2. Look at the Big Picture

When you are able to look at the big picture, you are better able see where a particular course of action might lead. This “thinking ahead” approach can help you test out all those ideas you were open to, and quickly determine which to keep and which to toss.

3.Be Adventurous

You don’t have to be a mountain climber to tap into your adventurous spirit and develop a bold vision. When you have plenty of information and the right people in your corner, stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances can help you create a transformative vision.

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