Incorporated in 1991, Maryland Nonprofits is an association serving members that represent all nonprofit sectors, including human services, health, educational, cultural, environmental, religious, and other charitable organizations and foundations, as well as individuals, businesses, governments, and entities in the process of obtaining 501(c)3 status. Membership benefits include access to educational resources, workshops and conferences, discounts on products and services such as liability insurance and background checks, and federal, state and local representation on shared public policy priorities of Maryland’s nonprofit sector. Interested in joining or rejoining Maryland Nonprofits? Click here!

Maryland Nonprofits is home to the Standards of Excellence Institute, a national initiative established to promote the highest standards of ethics, effectiveness, and accountability in nonprofit operations. Nonprofits can build their capacity by enrolling in the accreditation program, taking workshops, or finding a licensed consultant.


  • Organizations located in Maryland that have any 501(c) status from the IRS
  • Organizations that are in the process of being formed in Maryland and have not yet received their tax-exempt status from the IRS
  • For-profit companies, individuals, consultants, and government agencies looking to build relationships with the nonprofit sector


Stay Informed: With 20 years of public policy expertise, Maryland Nonprofits helps nonprofits learn to influence legislation and interact effectively with government agencies. Nonprofits can lobby, and Maryland Nonprofits ensures their members are equipped with knowledge and processes to be effective and stay within the law. For up-to-date information on nonprofit lobbying resources, legislative previews, and policy positions, click here.

Hire a Consultant: Maryland Nonprofits’ in-house consultants offer creative and practical problem-solving expertise to address the nonprofit sector’s complex challenges. Grounded in the nationally recognized Standards for Excellence, consulting support is offered in the areas of governance, planning, fundraising, human resources, finance, and collaborations and mergers, among others. To get started, click here.

In addition to its in-house consultants, Maryland Nonprofits also maintains a searchable database of consultants and service providers – for-profit businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofits – offering capacity building services and products beneficial to nonprofits. Check it out here.

Access Trainings and Educational Resources: Maryland Nonprofits supports nonprofits at all stages – from startup to established – with a range of workshops, webinars, conferences, and resource guides. Find the right resources for your nonprofit here.



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