Resources For Nonprofits in the Time of COVID-19

July 21, 2020

We have developed a number of resources to help your organization navigate the various challenging aspects of life in the time of COVID-19. These include information about COVID-19, legislation relating to workplace safety and employee benefits, and guides to operating remotely and equitably in the midst of uncertainty. We are doing our best to keep these resources up to date and to continue providing as much guidance and information as we can. Please check back regularly on our website for events and updated information about nonprofit operations during COVID-19.

  1. COVID webpage
  2. Don’t Look Away Blog and Resources Page
  3. Weekly Member Calls
  4. Weekly Advocacy Calls
    1. COVID related advocacy documents and efforts
      1. Letter to State Leadership
      2. Letter to Maryland Members of Congress
  1. Letter From Senator Cheryl Kagan
  1. Tools:
    1. Guide to Proxy Voting
    2. Guide to Remote Meetings
    3. Guide to Virtual Internships
    4. Emergency COVID 19 Remote Work Policy
    5. Nonprofit’s Guide to Remote Work
    6. Guide to Raffles
    7. Guide to Dissolution
    8. Nonprofit Sample Procedures Checklist for Return to Work
    9. Cash Flow Analysis Tool (Sources and Uses of Funds Worksheet, Goldin)
    10. PPP Forgiveness Calculator (Goldin)
    11. Standards for Excellence Educational Resource Packet Updates:
      1. Administrative Policies (March 2020)
        1. Includes update to the Disaster Preparedness Plans/Templates/Policy
      2. Disclose It: Charitable Nonprofit’s Guide to Disclosure Requirements (April 2020)
  1. The annotated list of all Standards for Excellence educational resource packets was last updated in May 2020.
  1. 52 Tips in 52 Weeks Blog Series: found here. Topics related to operating in the time of COVID-19 are listed here:
  2. Matter of Equity Speaker Series
    1. On the Front Lines of Social Justice (recording can be found here)
    2. Education and Digital Equity (recording can be found here)
    3. Health Inequity (recording can be found here)
  3. Town Halls
    1. Department of Health (recording can be found here)
    2. Behavioral Health Administration: Mental Health and the Dual Pandemic
    3. Senator Van Hollen and Senator Cardin Event (recording can be found here)
  4. Courses/Webinars
    1. Courses and Gatherings for Development Directors
      1. Adapting Your Fundraising Strategies (recording can be found here)
      2. Gatherings of Development Directors for Support and Resource Discussion
        1. Development Director Roundtable Session Notes
      3. Courses of Pivoting—Strategy, Planning
      4. Course on Remote Work (recording can be found here)
      5. COVID-19: What Nonprofits Need to Know (recording can be found here)
      6. Course on Marketing on a Shoestring (recording can be found here)
      7. Course on Financial Management Upgrade (recording can be found here)
      8. Course on SFX Introduction in Time of COVID (recording can be found here)
      9. Courses on How to Navigate Loan and Stimulus Programs
        1. Utilizing the Paycheck Protection Program (recording can be found here)