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July 20, 2015

Guest Blog by Kaaryn Keller, Director of Communications, Araminta Freedom Initiative

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So you have a Facebook page. Probably a Twitter account. Maybe even YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest…dare I say Google+ or LinkedIn (a company page, that is)?

Now the question is how to manage it all. Is social media left to the interns or youngest people in your office? Is the same message pushed across multiple platforms?

We are long past this being “new” media and nonprofits should be approaching social media strategically as part of a comprehensive integrated communications plan. Each platform has a different primary audience, which comes with different engagement patterns. Effective use of social media for nonprofit purposes is very different than how individuals use these platforms personally.

At the Tech to Tell Your Story conference this September, I will be teaming up with Ron Beazer, Founder and CEO of One More One Less Mentoring, to share some social media success stories. Join us as we explore how to optimize social media presence, understand different audience engagement, and utilize different tools and metrics to help enhance your nonprofit’s use of social media as one important element of its overall communications efforts.

We will share practical tips and demonstrations, including:

  • understanding primary audiences for given platforms
  • branding your social media channels
  • developing a social media strategy and integrating it with organizational communications efforts
  • using analytics to enhance performance (you’d be surprised what scheduling a weekend post might do for you)
  • optimizing images for increased engagement (no more cut-off heads on Twitter!)

We hope you’ll come prepared to share your own stories, that we all might learn from one another!

Kaaryn Keller is Director of Communications for Araminta Freedom Initiative (, which works to end human trafficking in the Baltimore area. She has more than 15 years experience in strategic communications for various national and local nonprofits in both staff and consulting roles. Connect on LinkedIn

Primary social media properties currently managing:
Facebook: AramintaFreedom & HabitatChesapeake
Twitter: @AramintaFreedom & @HabitatChespke
Instagram: AramintaFreedom & HabitatChespke

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