Standards for Excellence Sealholder Spotlight: Prince George’s Child Resource Center

June 3, 2015

By Susan Larsen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Standards for Excellence Institute

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Prince George’s Child Resource Center is a nonprofit organization that offers child and family support services in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In 2015, Prince George’s Child Resource Center completed their third renewal of their Standards for Excellence accreditation. Susan Larsen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Standards for Excellence Institute, recently had the opportunity to speak with founder and Executive Director Marti Worshtil about the organization’s history, programs and experiences as a Standards for Excellence sealholder.

What follows is a condensed transcript of that conversation.

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Tell me a little about the history of Prince George’s Child Resource Center.

We are a 24 year old nonprofit and operate two centers that provide services to Prince George’s County. In Largo we offer childcare training and early childhood education training, and in Adelphi we have a family support center where we operate the Healthy Families Prince George’s (HFPG) program.

Can you describe some of the services you provide to your community?

Both our in-home and Center-based family support services use the strength-based model. We believe that every family has its strengths and we are here to build on those strengths by offering parenting education and supportive services that include literacy, job training, nutrition and health education. We also link families to community based services. In early childhood education, everything we do is to improve the quality of early childhood education, so we offer training, mentoring, and on site consultation. We also help people get credentialed as early childhood educators and caregivers in the state of Maryland.

Your organization has been accredited since 2001, and you just renewed your accreditation this year. Can you describe how the Standards has helped your organization over the last 15 years?

Prince George’s Child Resource Center has a long history with Maryland Nonprofits, the sponsor of the Standards for Excellence program. I served on the board for 6 years, and I remember being featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy talking about how wonderful the Standards were. Fifteen years ago Prince George’s nonprofit organizations weren’t on anyone’s radar, but being the first charity to earn accreditation in the county put us on everyone’s radar. Foundations were especially impressed when we attained this status. It benefited us greatly!

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