Maryland Latinos Unidos organizes and streamlines resources to address the challenges faced by emerging communities, provides technical assistance for community-serving organizations, builds links to all levels of federal, state, and local governments, leverages our collective strength in advocacy, and advances knowledge of the Latino community through research and outreach.



Meeting Urgent and Immediate Needs
  • Identify community needs and implement solutions that can be replicated for various districts/counties
  • Create a portal of resources (nonprofit, local, state, and federal) in English and Spanish, for the use of both the public and organizations and map available assets and resources
Building Equitable Infrastructure
  • Track state legislation to advocate for issues that will uplift Latino communities 
  • Seek opportunities for Latino and immigrant representation in positions of leadership and across industries  
  • Track Greenbag vacancies and appointments 
  • Establish and maintain a relationship with the Governor’s office and state agencies to ensure language access
  • Identify direct services models of local trusted organizations 
  • Guide and empower grassroots organizations that need capacity building and improved resources 



Capacity Building

We build capacity in Latino-serving nonprofits by providing low-fee or free technical assistance in the areas of development and fundraising strategies, grants writing, meeting planning, meeting facilitation, communications, social media storytelling, coalition building and advocacy training.

Public Policy & Advocacy

Maryland Latinos Unidos is committed to championing equity and justice. There is power in our collective strength by being “Unidos” – as community members and leaders, and as the nonprofits that serve them. We are building links to all levels of state and local government across Maryland to leverage this strength.

Our advocacy activities include:

  • Tracking Legislation and Executive Actions
  • Advocating for social, economic, health, and environmental justice
  • Promoting language access to information at every level of government and in our communities.
  • Supporting “Sanctuary Space” and positive relations with law enforcement
  • Antiracism projects and campaigns
  • Access and equity across programs
Convening, Connecting, & Organizing

Maryland Latinos Unidos’ goal is to address issues of special concern to Maryland’s Latino and immigrant communities, including housing, food insecurity, educational access, healthcare, and economic opportunities. MLU seeks to identify and amplify the existing efforts that are operating in localized areas to meet the needs of Maryland’s Latino and immigrant communities and to scale these up to statewide efforts. We exist to call attention to disparities and inequities, to find solutions, and to address problems with coordinated action.


  • We invest in our community through collaborative grantmaking, civic engagement, building a pipeline for representation, disaster relief, and operational funds.
  • We are committed to growing a “Community of Allies and Friends” – to develop consensus strategies for advocacy.
  • We create opportunities for organizations, businesses, and individuals supporting Latino and immigrant communities to connect and collaborate.

Maryland Latinos Unidos (MLU) members are organizations, businesses, and individuals who support Latino and immigrant communities across Maryland. By joining MLU, you are part of a statewide network that collaborates and builds collective power for the benefit of Maryland’s Latino and immigrant communities. You’ll enjoy a variety of member benefits and have a seat at the table for collective conversations with peers, advocates, and public officials around advancing outcomes for our communities. Learn more.