Conflict of Interest – Standards for Excellence Educational Resource Packet (15)


A conflict of interest exists when a board member, officer, or management employee has a personal interest that is in conflict with the interests of the organization, such that he or she may be influenced by this personal interest when making a decision for the organization. Nonprofits should have a written conflict of interest policy and statement. A conflict of interest policy, and its related disclosure statement, provides an important tool to help assure that board members, staff, and key volunteers – who have significant, independent decision-making authority regarding the resources of the organization – are appropriately fulfilling their legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

Attached at the end of this packet you will find the customizable companion documents:

  • Model Conflict of Interest Policy Standards for Excellence Institute, 1998-2018
  • Model Disclosure Statement Standards for Excellence Institute, 1998-2018
  • Questionnaire on Family and Business Relationships and Interested Person Independence, Standards for Excellence Institute based on IRS Form 990 Instructions, 2009.
  • Sample Gifts to Staff Policy, Standards for Excellence Institute, 2018.


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