Working Professionally and Respectfully with Program Stakeholders – Standards for Excellence Educational Resource Packet (17)


Nonprofits serve a wide range of individuals, populations, and communities, all with unique characteristics and backgrounds. In all cases, individuals served should be treated with respect in a manner that is free from exploitation. Nonprofits should have policies in place that protect the confidentiality of personal information and have grievance procedures in place to address complaints and concerns from program participants. This educational packet walks you through how to respect your employees and volunteers, what should be included in confidentiality policies, and how to institute a grievance procedure.

Attached at the end of this packet you will find the customizable companion documents:

  • Statement of Privacy, Maryland Nonprofits
  • Sample Client Confidentiality Policy with Accompanying Enrollment Form and Family Rights Policy, Prince George’s Childcare Resource Center
  • Fundamental Human Rights Policy, Humanim

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