Resource Development Planning and Sources of Income – Standards for Excellence Educational Resource Packet (22)


Each nonprofit organization is responsible for determining the feasibility of raising funds from different sources and for developing a plan to raise the money using methods appropriate to the organization.

A plan may focus on only a few sources, or have a conscious goal of “broadening the base” of fundraising efforts. However, a plan must have more than goals. An effective fundraising plan must identify what resources will be required to carry it out and what tasks will take place over a specific time period. It is especially important that the plan clearly defines which tasks are the responsibility of staff and which are the responsibility of board members, since this is frequently an area of contention.

Nonprofits should carefully consider each of its income sources regarding factors like impact on population served and mission alignment. Such income sources should also be assessed for the feasibility and risks.

Elements of a Resource Development Plan:

  • Analysis of current resource development efforts, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Goals for how much money will be raised from various sources
  • Strategies for how these sources will be pursued
  • Plans for building relationships with potential funding sources

Attached at the end of this packet you will find the customizable companion documents:

  • Sample Resource Development Plan, Standards for Excellence Institute
  • Sample Board Development Calendar
  • Income Worksheet (Recession Toolkit)
  • Fundraising Case Statement
  • Fundraising Readiness Worksheet
  • Annual Campaign
  • Telemarketing and Phone-a-Thons
  • Major Gifts
  • Grants
  • Federated Fundraising
  • Special Events
  • Planned Giving Overview
  • Supporting Organizations


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